5 August, 2020

Traditional massage and erotic massage

The human organism is capable of experiencing different sensations through the senses: smell, sight, sound, taste, and above all, touch.
29 July, 2020

Introduce erotic massage on your Barcelona vacation

Summer is a time of year that reminds of sensations such as freedom, the sea and above all, vacation relaxation. What more could you ask for an ideal vacation?
2 July, 2020

Relaxation before erotic massage

At Shiva Massage we are experts in the pleasure of our clients, we have designed our massage center to induce a state of maximum satisfaction.
9 June, 2020

Is orgasm reached in an erotic massage?

Reaching orgasm within an erotic massage depends only on you. The disposition is what guarantees success when receiving the massage!
12 February, 2020

5 Reasons to give yourself an erotic massage

Breaking the barrier and getting started in erotic massage is always a challenge, like any other form of intimacy! That is why we want to discover the pleasures of erotic massage and encourage you to take the plunge.
10 February, 2020

Skin benefits of erotic massage

The largest organ in our body is the skin. Its care, hydration and pampering is essential to have the best appearance, and the erotic massage has many benefits.
30 October, 2019

MedaWeek Barcelona 2019 and massage

If you want to be aware of everything that surrounds the promotion and exploitation of the Mediterranean, MedaWeek Barcelona brings together the greatest experts in the sector, […]
29 July, 2019

FC Barcelona VS Arsenal FC (August 4)

A new appointment with quality football will take place next August 4, when Barça and Arsenal will meet at the Camp Nou to win the Joan […]
28 February, 2019

What is a Californian massage?

When one thinks of California, images of sun, beach, relaxation come to mind… That spirit appears in a complete Californian massage, a modality that is used […]
31 January, 2019

What is a tantric massage?

Many men are not very clear about how to improve their sexuality, and that is because for centuries this has been limited to procreation and has […]
31 December, 2018

Why should you choose a 4 hand massage?

A massage with 4 hands is a type of relaxing massage in which two therapists intervene who using different techniques seek that the patient reaches a […]
30 November, 2018

The positive effects of lingam massage

The lingam massage is one of the most pleasant treatments that we put at your disposal. The sensation of tranquillity and relaxation is sublime, so it […]
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